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Shroud Books started as a passion project by the owner, George. I have dreamed of opening a bookshop my entire life and I'd recently moved to London to try and make that dream happen. The initial plan was to save up and rent a space and go from there but during the pandemic and all the lock-downs I decided to start working on it. We're online only for now and trying to save up every penny I can until I can afford a space. 

Originally, Shroud only stocked horror literature. I wanted to combine my love of horror and literature and make something that brought those two together. As the shop and the customers have grown its evolved in to a more general bookstore. Still with a focus on horror but selling a whole range of genres. 

The mission with Shroud Books is to create a community space, a bookshop, an event space, and a late-night hangout spot. I want to be able to highlight the amazing community of East London and support growing artists with music events, live readings and even art exhibitions. 

Check out the bookshop and the merchandise and help support this teeny tiny business so I can make my dreams come true